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How to play Shuffleboard 1

How To Play

Shuffleboard is a game for 2 or 4 people in which the object is to out-score your opponent(s) by shooting discs into marked areas at the opposite end of the court.

Each side has four discs which are slid alternately. The idea is to put your own discs into scoring areas ( totally between the lines ) while pushing your opponents' discs off the court or into the minus 10 zone at the back. The game is played from end to end, the winner normally being the first to 75 points.

As with bowls or curling it is very much a game of strategy. Newcomers to the game will soon learn the strength required to push the discs into the scoring zones with some accuracy. The skill comes in learning the deflections, angles and blocks required to increase your own score while frustrating your opponent.

How to play Shuffleboard 2

Ideally the court should be totally flat and the discs will always slide straight and true. This is normally the case with the poly courts. However a concrete court will often have a few high spots causing a slight deflection or "drift". The same can apply to a Roll-Out laid over a less-than-perfect surface. This is all part of the game and learning to read the drift on your court might be the factor which gives you "home advantage" over your opponent.

When you buy your court from Norfolk Boards you will receive a book explaining everything you would normally need to know. You might also like to order the DVD 'Winning Shuffleboard' by Master Champion Glen Peltier which explains the strategy of the game . The first rule is to have fun. For all the other rules in detail click on this link: rules.

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