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  • Playing shuffleboard
    Top quality courts
    and accessories
    If you are new to shuffleboard or a seasoned pro,
    we have a full range of quality shuffleboard sets,
    coloured discs, cues and other shuffleboard items.
  • Playing shuffleboard outdoors
    Shuffleboard is a
    game for everyone
    Whether you think Shuffleboard is
    a sport or a game it can be played by
    nearly everyone with no age barrier.
  • Can be played by the disabled
    There are few restrictions
    to playing shuffleboard
    Peter Davis
    Our range of shuffleboard courts
    are fully accessible and are easy
    to play or to store away after you’ve played.

Shuffleboard UK and Europe

Shuffleboard, already popular elsewhere in the world, is still relatively new to Europe. It is truly a game for all ages and abilities that can quickly become an addictive and highly competitive sport. Our range of courts has something for all budgets.

Enjoyed by thousands of both young and old alike, shuffleboard can be learnt in 10 minutes, but will take you years to master. This ancient game is undergoing a revival in the UK and Europe at the moment, and as the major supplier of shuffleboard equipment in these areas, we are investing a lot in creating awareness of this classic game and building and supporting a growing community of shuffleboard players.

In April 2018, the UK hosted a large visiting group of Americans, Canadians and Norwegians for a three-way competition. In March 2019, the UK will be represented in Hohenroda, Germany at the European Championships and then again at the World Championships, in Vienna, Austria later in November. This will be only the second time the World Championships have come to European shores.

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Shuffleboard Video

Shuffleboard is an American game that is proving very popular over here in the UK. See the full range of boards available in the video above. It's fun to learn and play. Enjoy!

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